Sydney Women's Fund

Creating Equality & Opportunity for all
Sydney Women and Girls

We fundraise, grant and advocate to improve the lives of all women and girls.

  • We make grants to Sydney women's charities who provide access to education and skills, employment, mentoring and social enterprise development.

  • We give women and girls opportunities to build safe and independent lives through charitable organisations in Sydney. 

  • We support advocacy to stop violence against women and support women to rebuild lives after violence. 

In these ways we help families and communities to grow stronger.

We have already achieved success for many women and girls, breaking the cycle of intergenerational unemployment and in turn contributing to stronger family life, creating stronger, more connected communities.

We're guided to success by four pillars:

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Why focus on Women and Girls?

Research has shown, when women and girls earn an income, they reinvest 90% into their families compared to 30-40% from men.*

Education for women and girls is full of positives; from better health and increased confidence; new friendships and earning power. 

Our work has shown women and girls earning an income is key to transforming families and the wider community. 


Here's how a cup of coffee can change a life.

Pepper's Place Coffee Cart Social Enterprise, Warwick Farm


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