Simple ways to Support Sydney Women's Fund

Advocate for giving to women and girls as they invest 90% back into their families

  1. Like and share our social media pages (SWF Facebook(link is external)SCF Facebook(link is external)SCF Twitter(link is external)SCF Linkedin(link is external)SCF Instagram(link is external)).

  2. Sign up to SWF's email newsletter and keep informed about our events and join our giving community.

  3. Become a regular donor to Sydney Women’s Fund.

  4. Come and talk with us about starting a giving circle, set up as a sub-fund of Sydney Women’s Fund like Imalia, Indigo Express, Strutt Go Child, Lexicon and ByMySide.

  5. Found a sub-fund for planned annual or regular giving to benefit women and girls.

  6. Introduce us to your workplace or places where you serve on boards so we can tell the SWF story and encourage workplace giving to SWF.

  7. Suggest SWF as a charity of choice with women’s groups that you are involved with.

  8. Host an event, raise awareness of, and funds for Sydney Women’s Fund.

  9. Offer in-kind or mentoring support and products to Sydney Women's Fund projects.

  10. Collaborate with us and other donors by granting to one of our priority projects from your existing PAF or sub-fund held at another Public Ancillary Fund.

  11. Plan your giving and include Sydney Women’s Fund in your estate planning or encourage some-one else to.

Get in touch if you'd like to work with us to discuss your ideas for the fund, (02) 9251- 1228, givesydney[at][dot]au