9 Reasons this Designer Tote is Making Retail Therapy, Good for Everyone

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Have you got your 'Strong & Kind' Tote?

Ethically made by 9 refugee and migrant women in Western Sydney you’ll love this Sydney Women’s Fund ‘Strong & Kind’ print Tote bag, designed by Ginger & Smart.

A new ‘job readiness’ collaboration between Sydney Women’s Fund, Ginger & Smart, The Social Outfit, Parents’ Cafe Fairfield Inc., and you, together we’re creating opportunities for women to thrive.

Ginger & Smart, Sydney Women's Fund, The Social Outfit, Sydney Women's Charity, Womens charity

Did you know 80% of refugee women struggle to get a job because they have no work experience?

Your purchase will see nine women, recently arrived in Sydney from conflict zones in Iraq and Syria, paid fair wages and offered a pathway to employment and independence.

Consider that many of these women carry the scars of torture and trauma and when you carry the ‘Strong & Kind’ message, you carry them forward too.

Image credit: Jo Yeldham

“There is no limit or time in the life to learn, you can start anytime with the willing or wish to. Everything is possible”
Janette (arrived from Syria 2017)

All proceeds from the ethically made, ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote sales, will be reinvested to transform the lives of women and girls in need in Sydney.

Only a limited edition of 'Strong & Kind' Tote bags are available so order today to look good and feel great.

Here's how it all began...

Sydney Women’s Fund (SWF), a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation, has a 10 year history of gender-lens granting and creating opportunities for Sydney women and girls to thrive.

That’s why four years ago, SWF initiated a “Women’s Refugee Sewing Circle” to help women arriving from Iraq and Syria get back on their feet with the Parents’ Cafe Fairfield Inc., recognised by the United Nations for its refugee resettlement program. 

In fact, the program resonated so well with the women that last year we welcomed The Social Outfit to offer TAFE recognised, beginner and advanced sewing courses.

This year, Sydney Women’s Fund has initiated a new partnership with Australian fashion label Ginger & Smart.

Founders, Genevieve and Alexandra Smart, have designed the Tote bag in an inspiring 'Strong & Kind' print.

Image credit: Jo Yeldham

Plus, Ginger & Smart are kindly covering the cost of materials and mentoring the women, as they are guided step-by-step through the manufacturing process by The Social Outfit.

Image credit: Jo Yeldham

Working on industrial quality machines, the women will gain invaluable experience, increasing their job prospects and employability in the Australian fashion manufacturing industry. 

Image credit: Jo Yeldham

Each Tote purchase provides women opportunity, experience, and the confidence to strive for financial independence.

Image credit: The Social Outfit

Remember, all proceeds from the ethically made, ‘Strong & Kind’ Tote sales, will be reinvested to transform the lives of women and girls in need in Sydney.

Watch the women meet Genevieve and Alexandra Smart at the Ginger & Smart Store and Studio tour, then making their first 'Strong & Kind' Tote bag. 


As seen in The Daily Telegraph, 31 May 2018